NPB’s 50 members

Who would have thought that a simple crazy dream would become a reality bigger than any expectations? Last week we have become an organization with 50 club members.

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you for this achievement. If you are a padel club, sponsor, player or supporter that have been around for a while or even seen our humble beginnings, you probably know how much crazy efforts we all put into this. Perhaps you organized tournaments or open days, built courts, helped organize the sport, sponsored players, teach others or simply invited your friends to try padel. You may have even invested money in all this. And here are the results. You have (youth/senior) national teams travelling the world to represent Holland and learn more, trainers that teach others, referees that keep us sharp, players on wheelchair that inspire us and starting kids that make us confident about our future. Your efforts went so far that padel has gained influence even outside our own organization. Padel is available nationwide in nearly 150 locations. The courts are busy. You are changing the face of Dutch racketsports. It works.

Padel is lifting.

If you are new to padel, I invite you to join us. Have fun playing it. Share it with others. Help padel to continue to grow. And padel will be available in more locations.

Congratulations. Padel. Lifts you up.

NB. Vorig jaar publiceerde de Padelbond dit artikel: NPB nadert 50 clubs.

Over de Nederlandse Padelbond

De Nederlandse Padelbond is vertegenwoordiger van padel in Nederland en lid van de International Padel Federation (FIP). De FIP is aangesloten bij GAISF. Padel is een unieke racketsport met een eigen identiteit en cultuur. Onze sport ademt de hispanic oorsprong & temperament en padelspelers zijn vriendelijk, sociaal, vol passie en trots op padel.

De Padelbond heeft als doel de beoefening van padel te bevorderen in de ruimste zin van het woord.