Persbericht FIP en ITF

Geplaatst 16 nov. 2016 10:52 door PR Padelbond
Hieronder het persbericht van de FIP, betreffende de afspraak tussen de Internationale Padel Federatie (FIP) en de Internationale Tennis Federatie (ITF).

This past Friday November 4th, at the offices of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in London, a historic meeting took place between the ITF President David Haggerty and the President of the International Padel Federation Daniel Patti.

The cordial meeting between both presidents served to make each other more aware of their respective institutional activities and governance of the federations they have the honour to lead.

ITF President David Haggerty, an American, expressed his activity in a discreet way and attempted to acquire relevant data in order to evaluate collaboration possibilities with the International Padel Federation (FIP), which is prevalent in the technical sector (for example, ball certification). Their queries were of a curious nature which were dealt with in an open conversation and without prejudice or reservations on the part of President Daniel Patti.

From the FIP perspective we proposed to identify some sectors of collaboration in the Marketing and Technical Management areas, being aware that it is both the ITF as the FIP who should benefit equally and not interfere of one another.
President Daniel Patti has highlighted some critical situations of overlapping of actions to promote our sport of Padel which should be avoided for the common good, and President Haggerty has taken note.

Following the International Paddle Federation Annual Assembly during the Cascais World Championships, and the International Tennis Federation Board Meeting in late November, both Presidents have noted on their own agendas the need contact each other to follow up. Perhaps to jointly move forward on a joint collaboration project, and at the same time to reaffirm mutual institutional respect, autonomy and independence.